Artistic Taxidermy – Crate-ables

Meddling with Nature specializes in Artistic Taxidermy creations.  Whether anthropomorphic or just critters being critters, our work is often funny and always lovely.  And these guys are just bigger than life!

As with our smaller table-top taxidermy, most large scale work tends to be commission based, meaning you are part of the creative creation process.  Don’t let the word commission scare you!  We have plenty of specimens in our freezers for you to pick from or we’ll work on finding the creature you want. Check out some of our past ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘ work and get those sparks flyin’.

From realistic film and theater props, to museum work, restaurant/bar-side branded companions and travel buddies…  we can create whatever you can imagine.

Shipping Note:  Please contact us for complete shipping information for exact pricing and delivery options.  Goats don’t fit in postboxes so we have to make some special arrangements.

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