Meddling With Nature:  Artistic Taxidermy – Insect Mounts – Educational Workshops

Meddling with Nature is dedicated to exploring the connection between art and natural science. Starting with a love for medical illustration, Meddling with Nature quickly incorporated naturalistic, artistic and anthropomorphic taxidermy. Our goal includes a mandate to educate the public on both biological and naturalist themes through direct, hands on experience. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2016.


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Maria Sibylla Merian – 

The little moth and lizard in the middle don’t match these particular plates but the actual plate specimens have been identified and are available!  Your support of this indiegogo campaign will make recreating these plates a reality. 

Indigogo campaign video to replicate the illustrations of 17th century artist and naturalist Meria Sibylla Mirian in 3-dimensions using real plant, insect, and animal specimens.

With your financial support, we can make this happen!

This year is particularly special. We are partnering up with the Cincinnati Lloyd Library and Museum, which hosts the largest botanical collection in the northern hemisphere, to bring 17th century artist and naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian’s seminal work on the Metamorphosis the Insects to life… or as we say, take them back OFF THE PAGE.  Recreating the moments she documented through her paintings and illustrations by using real native plant, insect and animal specimenspreserved and positioned to replicate Maria’s work in three dimensions.  We will be taking the plates directly from the 1705 text and creating faithful replicas in the round.

Highly excited and we REALLY need YOU.  DONATE TODAY!


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Meddling With Nature:  Artistic Taxidermy – Insect Mounts – Educational Workshops

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